My sister and I decided to jet off to Mallorca for a bit of relaxation and sun. However, our trip did not include much relaxation. We decided to hop on a ferry over to Ibiza to visit our friends who are working out there. Although, this isn’t any type of work, Melissa is running her own business called Off Your Face. It is all about loving life and being free. Why didn’t I think of this?
Of course this is only one side to this fantastic business. Off Your Face describes themselves as “a lifestyle brand based in The Alps, Ibiza and Festivals”. They provide one of a kind face and body painting and also sell merchandise through ASOS Marketplace.  The clothes they produce are all beautifully designed and are great quality. They also produce and design hats and wrist bands, who doesn’t love a wristband?
I was lucky enough to become a member of the Off Your Face family for a couple of days where the very talented photographer (Stuart McClay) managed to take some amazing shots.
Another huge aspect to Off Your Face is their website, It takes you along the journey they take (it would make anybody jealous), providing up-to-date coverage on all the big events they attend. On the website you can also find group profiles of everyone lucky enough to become part of all the fun. These are written by the insanely intelligent Chloe.  
Its clear why this company is so successful, Melissa is the hardest working person I have met in a very long time and she puts her heart and soul into it (being extremely pretty and having a good personality helps too). I had the best time ever in Ibiza and feel so lucky to have met and become better friends with some incredible people. 


I have been undecided about backpacks for a while – I still can’t quite work out whether to call them backpacks or rucksacks. Although whilst watching Made in Chelsea (my guilty pleasure), new girl Phoebe-Lettice Thompson was sporting a Louis Vuitton print backpack and I actually really liked it!
My favourite one is designed and produced by ‘The Row’. Although, the downside to finding it is I would probably be homeless trying to afford one. 
I love the fact they don’t look like school rucksacks. They are classic and beautifully made. I needed a new leather backpack in my life. I luckily found a pretty similar one on the Kurt Geiger website that is a fraction of the price.
This Dash Kurt Geiger Rucksack is a costly £180 but for the timeless style and Italian leather it is definitely worth the price. 
I also thought it would be a great idea to have a look in my mums wardrobe. It is always full of amazing clothes and bags that she has collected over the years and never uses now. Thankfully I found just what I was looking for – a bright red Louis Vuitton backpack.
My sister looks a little grumpy in this photo – sorry!
The colour makes the backpack a perfect summer accessory and to my luck she happily passed it down to me!

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal" – Yves Saint Laurent

When I think about certain individuals that I think dress impeccably, it is actually rather difficult. However, two people that never seem to fail on the fashion front are Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Olivia Palermo.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

I absolutely love Rosie’s elegant, yet glamorous red carpet dresses. I love them so much that I got the dress that she wore to the Transformers 3 premiere made for my 21st birthday party. It wasn’t quite as amazing as Rosie’s custom-made Burberry beauty, nor did I look like the supermodel herself (unfortunately). However, the dressmaker did a pretty good job!

Olivia Palermo 

The first time I noticed Olivia Palermo’s flawless style was on the MTV show, The City. She has the raw and unique talent of being able to clash different patterns, colours and materials whilst still managing to make an outfit fit together just perfectly. Like myself, Olivia is a self-confessed Zara fan that absolutely loves to incorporate high street and designer pieces into her outfits. 

Words of Wisdom

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.”
    —Miuccia Prada
Miuccia Prada Cover i-D Magazine (2009)

The Condé Nast College

In my final year at University I applied to The Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. I have always known that I wanted to become involved in fashion: when I was around the age of four my mum asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up – I replied ‘The Editor of Vogue’. The Vogue Fashion Certificate seemed the perfect course to help me decide what market in the fashion industry I would be most interested in (whether that be PR, marketing or publishing), and the fact that it was only ten weeks seemed the perfect length.

The first stage of the process was filling out an application online. I applied super early, so waiting for the email telling me if I had made it to the next stage was torture. The second stage was completing the ‘The College Challenge’. I chose the question that asked me to discuss an advertising campaign for a major fashion brand. I chose the quintessentially British brand, Mulberry. 

As soon as I got the email confirming I had made it through to the interview stage, all I could think about was what I would wear. How do you find the perfect outfit to wear to the prestigious Vogue House.  

When I have an interview I like to wear one statement piece of clothing then keep the rest of the outfit neutral. I went for an H&M crochet top and Zara patterned trousers (they are amazing quality). The trench coat is about 8 years old (I found it in my mums wardrobe) and the shoes were a great find from Primark (a bargain at only £12). Sorry for the bad photography (I travelled from Edinburgh to London for the interview and had to wake up at 5.30am which meant it was a quick phone photo). The IPhone case in the photo is from a beautiful little boutique store called Fabulous Jewels in Brunstfield, Edinburgh. They stock amazing costume jewellery as well as the unique brand Butler & Wilson (I’ll write a post on their fabulous and sparkly jewellery soon).

The interview took place with vice principal Gary Pritchard and senior lecturer Kate Cheal. They started by telling me about different aspects of the school and how the course would pay special attention to each individual student, in order to make sure they could really excel in their specialised talent. Listening to their enthusiasm for teaching and discovering emerging talent reiterated how original and unique this school is. I was asked what I thought my special talent was and how the school would allow me to grow and shape my talent. I was also asked why I was interested in fashion after completing a business degree. 

I was over the moon to be accepted onto the course, and from now until I start, I will be meticulously planning every single aspect of every single outfit I plan on wearing. Good luck to my poor bank account. 

La Perla

I have finally finished university (to my dad’s relief) so to celebrate nine friends and I jetted off to the island of Mallorca. It was so exciting to get the summer wardrobe out after feeling like winter was never going to end. 

As this blog is very new it would probably be a good idea to let you guys know who I am, I’m in the middle. I was very pale as at the beginning of the holiday so I decided to go with a maxi skirt from warehouse, paired with a crop top (crop tops are perfect for summer) and a pair of black Zara wedges
As I post more, everyone will begin to see my love for Zara. I love minimalistic, classic, chic clothing and Zara always manages to get it just right. Here I am wearing a Zara dress and Zara Strappy Sandals. The clutch was given to me as a present for my 21st birthday from my best friends (they are far too generous). It is a Mulberry Multi-zip Pouch in glossy pink and is the perfect accessory to brighten up an outfit. 
This outfit was perfect for a sunny lunch outside at the beautiful Nikki Beach. I love the feeling of shopping and finding a really great find in the sales, and this skirt was one of them. It is a Topshop number that was originally £65 and when I managed to find the skirt it had been reduced to £20, lucky me! The top is a classic wardrobe stable from Urban Outfitters. I wanted to accessorise this outfit to make it more daytime, so I added a hat from Topshop and Round Sunglasses from ASOS (I managed to gain the nickname ‘John Lennon’ thanks to these sunglasses). My bag is my little baby and is a Mulberry Alexa.
This was one of the most amazing weeks with the most amazing people. 

The Beginning

The first seven seconds are the most important. Your sense of sight is used first to determine your first impression of somebody. What they are wearing. How they accessorize. I will take you through the next stage of my life – breaking into the illustrious fashion industry.