The Perfect Denim Dress

My friend’s mum came over to the house wearing the most unbelievable denim dress. I love denim, so when I saw it I needed it! I went straight to Topshop the next day as she said she got it recently, but when I got there it was nowhere to be seen. I was praying it wasn’t already sold out. I was lucky enough to walk over to the ‘last chance’ rack and there it was, exactly in my size! How lucky was that?
It has loads of similarities to the Stella McCartney denim dresses but for a quarter of the price. It is hands down one of the best purchases I have made in a while! Unfortunately my dress is no longer available, but I have found two more that are both just as lovely. 
This MOTO Indigo Tencel Dress from Topshop is £38. It is a very flattering shape and I love the big pockets!
This is an ASOS Denim Smock Dress and is £40. I love how this dress is more floaty with the option to roll up the sleeves for a more casual look. A little denim dress makes the perfect outfit for  Autumn  worn with a pair of boots and a leather jacket!

Disneyland and Paris

I always thought the next time I would visit Disneyland would be when I had children of my own. However, when my mum asked my sister and I if we would like to stop off in Paris before visiting my gran, you can imagine our reply. YES YES YES! I think we were more excited than 5 year olds, see we are still kids at heart! 

When we arrived at the hotel I did feel like we should have arrived with a child in tow, but as soon as we entered the park we felt right at home. I don’t think anyone is ever too old for Disneyland as it is just so magical. I think we went on just about every single ride (my mum was shaking like a leaf before every single roller-coaster) – I wish I could say Space Mountain was my favourite ride but I have to admit…I think it was the teacups! I decided for once that comfort was the most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing my outfit for the day. So I decided to go for a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch shorts that I have had for years, a black floaty Reiss cami and a pair of black converse (which unfortunately gave me blisters by the end of the day)! If like us you would prefer to miss the rush hour queues in the morning and hit the spa first, then I would highly recommend going later and eating in the Blue Lagoon restaurant in Disneyland for dinner. It is built around the Pirates of the Caribbean ride so you can watch it whilst eating the most wonderful seafood!

As Disneyland were celebrating their 20th anniversary we were lucky enough to see their incredible firework display. The display included projections of all the best disney movies onto the Cinderella Castle, with fireworks and water features. IT WAS INCREDIBLE. We sang along to every song. What a way to finish such a great day. We also managed to grab some Micky Mouse cookies on our way out. 
We also squeezed a trip into central Paris whilst we were there. I decided that getting the metro was the best idea – it was perfect! We ended up right on the Champs-Élysées greeted by bunch of dancing men.
We visited some of the wonderful sites, ate some delicious food and quicker than we could imagine the trip was over. Although, we did make sure to fit in a trip to Ladurée to pick up some macaroons before we left!

French Market

To feel good on the outside you also have to feel good on the inside. I have only just realised how important this is after months of drinking alcohol and eating enough food to feed a small family. My gran lives above a bakery so that really isn’t helping me steer away from eating bread!
Although the good news is she lives a 2-minute walk away from a beautiful market! It sells every fruit and vegetable you can imagine and the freshest seafood.
It is extremely hard to try and be healthy when you’re on holiday, especially with the temptations of colourful macaroons and homemade ice cream (yoghurt and mint-chocolate-chip are the flavours of choice). However, when I get home I plan on attempting a juice detox with my sister. I got the inspiration when browsing some of my favourite blogs and came across the Five Five Fabulous blog post called ‘A Juicing Detox’. There are some great recipes and they also give you a link to a company who delivers fresh fruit and vegetables straight to your door called Farmison & Co. I am also going to buy a book called Turbo Charge Your Life in 14 Days by Jason Vale that will hopefully help me along my way!

Biarritz Blue Cargo

My gran lives in a little village called St Jean de Luz in the South West of France. It’s beautiful, very picturesque and a place you appreciate so much more when you grow up (I have been every year since I was born). Everywhere you look you see little white houses with red shutters where everybody knows everybody. ‘Bisous’ are compulsory meaning lots of kisses whilst you walk down the street! 
It is a twenty-minute drive from Biarritz so we ventured into the city for dinner. The restaurant was right on the beach with an unbelievable view at sunset. 

Their delicacy was the ‘famous’ seafood platter with lobster, scallops, prawns, langoustines and a big buttery baked potato on the side. 

The leotard/swimsuit I am wearing was my grans that she kindly passed down to me! It’s so cute and has a scooped back that looks amazing with high waisted clothes.
After dinner we went along to an outdoor beach club that turns into a club at night called Blue Cargo. It looks like a massive old mansion with loads of outdoor space, great DJ’s and to our surprise fireworks. The only downside of it being outdoors was the down pour we experienced half way through our night, leaving me with mascara running down my face. However, it just added to the fun and everyone just carried on as normal dancing on the tables under the stars…and rain! 

Fabulous Jewels

The title of this blog post has two meanings – it’s all about statement jewellery at the moment, so I have tried to find you some of my favourite pieces!
These flower cluster earrings are from ASOS and cost a very reasonable £12. I love the emerald green and deep purple of the stones.  
These ASOS Iridescent Crystal Earrings are £15 and would brighten up any outfit. Both pairs of earrings would be perfect worn during the day with a pair of patterned trousers or in the evening worn with your hair up.
This Krystal Swarovski Statement Square Necklace is availiable in the ASOS sale. It was originally £225 and has been reduced to £65. AMAZING! I am so tempted to buy this necklace as I can just imagine how pretty it will look over a black high neck cashmere jumper in winter. 
ASOS Crocodile Queen Necklace
Amazing Value – £65 reduced to £19.50
ASOS Chunky Jewelled Collar Necklace
Perfect for the Monochrome Trend!
The second is for my mums shop named Fabulous Jewels. It sells a wide variety of statement jewellery from Butler and Wilson skulls to bold pearl necklaces. 
I’m so proud of everything my mum has done to the shop from the interior to the beautiful jewellery she stocks. It is so fun visiting the jewellery fairs to find amazing new designs. It is in Brunstfield in Edinburgh so if anyone is over for the fringe festival come and visit!


What to wear on a holiday in the South of France where everyone is beautiful, botoxed and glamorous? When my dad said he was taking my sister and I (and a friend of choice each) away to Cannes to stay on a yacht for a week I was ecstatic. The first thing that always pops into my mind when I have a holiday planned is what to bring! I brought enough bikinis for a two-week holiday and a pair of shoes for every day – at least I knew I was going to be prepared. We spent each day sunbathing and eating the most delicious food (a three course breakfast, lunch and dinner – I definitely never went hungry). 

This playsuit is one of my best buys at only £29.99. It is from Zara and is so versatile. I have worn it in Autumn with a black leather jacket, black tights and black block heeled chelsea boots or in summer with a pair of strappy heeled sandals. 

Roman Abramovich’s Yacht – largest privately owned yacht in the world!

We went for dinner one evening to a restaurant that we visited in Miami called Le Bâoli. The atmosphere was incredible – whoever was in charge of the music did a very good job. It starts as a restaurant and almost turns into a club. The music is a mix of old school classics and remix’s as well as chart music – how do you get better than that? We ordered a copious amount of sushi and alcohol and danced the night away.

I kept the skirt I wore especially for the holiday. I love the canary yellow trend and when I saw it online I fell in love with it straight away. It is from Virgos Lounge, although the only link I can find for it is on ASOS. I am so happy I stumbled across this brand as the clothes have a vintage feel about them and combine beautiful beading and colours. As the skirt is the centre of attention I decided to pair it with American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Halter Leotard in black. For accessories I wore white mixed stone opaque earrings from ASOS. Unfortunately these are now sold out but I have found a similar pair from Topshop. I am very small at only 5ft 3” so I need all the height I can get, so I chose to wear my Kurt Geiger Nanette heels which are a huge 15.5cm (my dad had objections about letting me wear them out).

The nicest thing I saw during my stay was the couple who stayed on the boat beside us. They were around 70 years old and every night they would set the table with a tablecloth and flowers and open a bottle. The lady also dressed impeccably every night. Who said romance was dead?

P.s. Whilst writing this the royal baby has just been born yayy!


Wimbledon has been on everybody’s minds and I was lucky enough to experience it for the first time in the second week. It was amazing to watch the infamous Andy Murray play against Robredo. I had a secret feeling he was going to win from the beginning and I have to say I let out a tear when he beat Djokovic in the final. CONGRATULAITIONS MURRAY – I am feeling very proud to be Scottish!

Now comes what I wore to Wimbledon. I decided upon a dress I picked up in Shanghai when I was on holiday with my mum and sister. I have had it in my wardrobe since October and have been dying to find an appropriate time to wear it. Shanghai is always full of hidden treasures and this lime green number is one of my favourite items I picked up.  I paired it with my leather Topshop jacket (I never take this off) and a pair of Zara black suede and cork wedges. 
My sister and I with Pat Cash – Wimbledon Men’s Single Winner 1987.
My dad and I (think he was going for the Bradley Cooper/Gerard Butler look)
Wimbledon was such a great experience and I have already got my fingers (and toes) crossed that I will get to go again next year!