London Adventures

London is a city that never sleeps – I literally haven’t stopped since I arrived and for the first time in my life I worked 12 days straight!

Luckily it wasn’t just any work last weekend. I got the chance to help out at London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House, helping the company I work for with a sample sale. I even managed to grab myself a pair of Paige boyfriend jeans that I wore out that night! They are my new favourite item in my wardrobe.


I teamed them with simple black heels, a leotard and my friends black vintage belt. The best advice I have been given in a while is to buy your leotards in dancing shops. They are so nice and there are so many different varieties (I love backless ones!). I was also getting so bored of seeing everybody wearing the American Apparel one!



The atmosphere at Somerset House is one that you do not experience just anywhere – it was the best place to people watch ever. I saw outfits inspired by Cher from Clueless to crazy animal inspired outfits – I saw someone with a hat that had every animal you could think of coming out of it. They main thing was that everyone had there own individual sense of style which was so refreshing!

At work I also recently heard about a singer who is going to be huge soon due to his absolutely incredible voice. His name is Joel Compass – everybody should take a listen to his new song astronaut. I have left a little link below ☺!

The Best Fashion…Documentaries

Anybody who missed last weeks Stylist, missed a great interview with my idol Carine Roitfeld about her new documentary ‘Mademoiselle C’. I have added the trailer that features Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Jean Paul Gaultier and many more plus it is directed by the outstanding Fabien Constant.

Although, not only did they miss this, they missed a list of the best fashion documentaries so I thought I would bring them to you from the comfort of your laptops (which I must admit us bloggers are on far too often).

The list included:

The September Issue

Bill Cunningham New York

The Eye Has to Travel

Lagerfeld Confidential 

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

I unfortunately couldn’t find the trailer for this one, however it is an amazing film even for those who aren’t fashion fanatics! It give you an insight into Marc Jacobs creative mind and the humour is top notch too!

Another documentary that I feel deserved a place on this list is:

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye 

I absolutely loved this – its gives you an insight into the history of the most influential fashion magazine in the world, VOGUE. I found Babs Simpson so influential and I felt inspired to keep trying to break into the fashion industry.

Belstaff Flagship Store Launch

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Belstaff’s new flagship store on Bond Street. As you can imagine…my expectations were met! The whole of Bond Street had been closed and after being handed a glass of champagne the showcase started. Around twenty motorcycles zoomed down the street being driven by the most beautiful creatures and for the finale DAVID BECKHAM drives down!!! He is just as amazing in real life by the way however, he doesn’t stand a chance next to David Gandy (who happened to walk past me and touch my arm)!

Inside, the store is just as spectacular and the design is incredible…nearly as incredible as all the leather jackets that were surrounding me. I had my eye on the one that Pixie Lott was wearing – in my dreams!


Once inside the very handsome waiters served champagne and gin and apple cocktails as well as canapés such as quails eggs, mini pork pies and little roast beef tarts. Also for the sweet tooths like myself they served tiny meringues with strawberries, strawberry cheesecakes and millionaire shortcakes! It was all very yummy and trust me I tried all of it!

My dad and I sipping our champagne!

It felt like such a surreal evening, but now I know I need to work hard so I can one day be invited to events like these all the time :)!

Also if anyone lives in London or visits London they should go and take a look at the store or check out their designs at

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet”

Whenever I am feeling guilty about spending all my money shopping, I always think of Carrie Bradshaw’s wise words of wisdom. Especially now that I am living in London it is really difficult to resist the temptation to shop! I have been on a few small shopping trips so I thought I would share my recent purchases and my future purchases (someone help me)!

This Primark floral suit was only £27 for BOTH (£10 for the shorts and £17 for the little jacket) – what a bargain! 

This shirt is also from Primark and is navy blue with tiny little white stars all over it. It feels really nice and what I love about it is the fact you can’t see the buttons. 

This necklace is a Butler and Wilson beauty. It is available on their website here or you can visit my mum’s shop Fabulous Jewels (170 Brunstfield Place, Edinburgh) where she stocks the fabulous brand. This crystal leopard head necklace is so sparkly and a perfect statement necklace that looks great with this collared shirt. 

My mum came to London with me to help me move into my new flat, so we thought it was a perfect time to put in an order for her shop at Butler and Wilson on South Molton Street. It was so fun looking at all the extravagant yet beautiful jewellery and choosing what we thought would work best in her shop. She kindly gave me this necklace as a good luck present for moving :)!

I bought this knitted dress to wear for my interview at my current internship (lets just say it must of been my lucky charm)! It is from Zara and was £39.99 – it is quite thick and feels like really good quality. 

 This is also from Zara and is checked/floral dress with a black cami built in underneath that is £39.99. It is so unique and really caught my eye the first time I saw it! I wore it with my vintage Moschino belt that I bought on Ebay from a little vintage shop that is actually in London!

THIS FUR LONG WAISTCOAT IS MY DREAM! I absolutely love it…but it does not come cheap at £129. Why does Zara always get it so right – it is available here. My birthday is in November so I have sent a link to my sister to then pass on to my mum – fingers crossed I wake up and open a present and find this inside!

Duke of York Square

Yesterday I met up with one of my best friends, Alex, who is the most positive and happy person I have ever met. Every time I spend time with her my outlook on life gets brighter and luckily for me we are eventually living in the same city! We spent the afternoon in  The Duke of York Square in Chelsea where they have a lovely food market on every Saturday! They have every type of cuisine you can imagine from Japanese to Mexican to Indian to American. IT IS AMAZING. I am a massive fan of sushi and found this hand-made, super fresh sushi stall (which was actually very cheap as well)! I got some avocado maki, spicy tuna roll, salmon and avocado roll and prawn tempura roll…I just couldn’t decide so tried a bit of everything! It was very good and I would definitely recommend it to anyone visiting London. 
I was trying to be healthy but Alex gave into temptation and bought a slice of the malteaser fudge. I must admit iwas very indulgent and extremely tasty. 
My dream when I am rich and famous (one day) is to be living in this area. I absolutely love it. 
I had a little browse in Forever 21 and picked up this little button up pinafore dress. It is so versatile and looks great in summer worn with a tee under it or in winter with a knitted jumper and thick tights!
We ended our day with a little walk around the Saatchi Gallery and settling with a nice hot coffee outside in their restaurant, ‘Gallery Mess’. Next on my list to try is their afternoon tea…I had severe food envy!!


I have finally graduated from university and plucked up the courage to move to London…it is the best decision I have ever made! The city is full of the most interesting people, beautiful little restaurants and cafes, the best breakfast places (my favourites are Bread Etcetera in Clapham and you can’t go wrong with The Breakfast Club), shops EVERYWHERE with unique stock, food markets every Saturday, vintage fairs all the time, sample sales, mesmerising architecture and luckily I am also doing the best internship at a Fashion Showroom. Its fair to say I am loving it.
I am sorry I haven’t been able to blog in such a long time but I have had no internet at my new flat. It has been very sad but I am extremely happy to say I HAVE INTERNET AS OF TODAY and you will be hearing a lot more of me. 
When Megan (my best friend I am living with and have known since I was like 9) and I arrived in London we thought the best way to get to know the city was to walk everywhereeeee! 
We became tourists for the day and managed to find an amazing rooftop bar on Argyll Street called Aqua (the weather was so hot so it was a perfect place to stumble upon).
I will keep everyone updated with all the clothes and accessories I pick up on my journey as well as letting you know about restaurants and bars that I visit (if I am not poor by then). I will also make sure I post what I am doing at work interning and any hints and tips I pick up a long the way!