London Adventures

London is a city that never sleeps – I literally haven’t stopped since I arrived and for the first time in my life I worked 12 days straight!

Luckily it wasn’t just any work last weekend. I got the chance to help out at London Fashion Weekend at Somerset House, helping the company I work for with a sample sale. I even managed to grab myself a pair of Paige boyfriend jeans that I wore out that night! They are my new favourite item in my wardrobe.


I teamed them with simple black heels, a leotard and my friends black vintage belt. The best advice I have been given in a while is to buy your leotards in dancing shops. They are so nice and there are so many different varieties (I love backless ones!). I was also getting so bored of seeing everybody wearing the American Apparel one!



The atmosphere at Somerset House is one that you do not experience just anywhere – it was the best place to people watch ever. I saw outfits inspired by Cher from Clueless to crazy animal inspired outfits – I saw someone with a hat that had every animal you could think of coming out of it. They main thing was that everyone had there own individual sense of style which was so refreshing!

At work I also recently heard about a singer who is going to be huge soon due to his absolutely incredible voice. His name is Joel Compass – everybody should take a listen to his new song astronaut. I have left a little link below ☺!

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