Starting at the Condé Nast College

I started at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design on Monday with extremely high expectations – I have to say every expectation has been met with flying colours!

Although lets rewind a little bit…HOW DID I DECIDE WHAT TO WEAR ON MY FIRST DAY?! I went for something safe that actually ended up being the worst possible outfit I could have ever picked! I couldn’t walk properly in my pencil skirt and my new boots gave me the biggest blisters ever but at least it was pretty, right?



The jumper is from UNIQLO. I have only recently discovered this store and absolutely love it. It has every basic item of clothing you could imagine, at a good price and the quality feels great! It is also perfect if you are like me and prefer outfits to be more understated and minimalistic. My pencil skirt is about a year old but I love the lace and metallic feel about it. The boots are from Zara and can be found here but if i give you one piece of advice it is to wear LONG SOCKS and not trainer socks with them!!!!!

When we arrived at the college we had a chance to meet all of the other students on the course, which was extremely interesting as everyone was from a different country! I have met amazing people from Australia, Singapore to Paris and Lebanon. I am so excited to get to know them better during these ten weeks. We started the morning with an induction where we were introduced to the principle Susie Forbes and had talks from the Vice Principle and the Course Director. Lunch was then provided which consisted of sushi, beetroot and goats cheese salad, cous cous, wraps and little sandwiches. It was lovely! We then had further lectures about the college and to end the most overwhelming, fantastic day we had a drinks reception!


We were also given these cute alphabet bags with our initials on them filled with the most recent vogue, induction information for the week and also an invitation to an event at Topshop tomorrow (I will be sure to fill you guys in on this in my next post)!

Today we had a London Orientation Day!

We all met at the Victoria and Albert Museum in South Kensington where we were introduced to the inspiring Helen Evenden. She took us on a tour around the museum where she told us interesting facts and history about the museum and the collections. When looking at art and design she gave us three tips to uncover research: to look at who designed the object, look at when it was designed then how it was made.



Little coffee break – best skinny mocha I have had in ages!


This was the beautiful, modern, colourful chandelier that was in the main reception of the V&A.



This was a temporary part of the exhibition that consisted of 5000 mini windmills that all moved!

We then had the chance to view the ‘Club to Catwalk’ exhibition.


This exhibition not only had great music but was also fascinating to look around. I loved the quote from the great British designer Vivienne Westwood: “I am a great believer in copying – there has never been an age in which people have so little respect for the past.” I completely agree! The best form of collecting future research definitely comes from looking at the past!

Another interesting aspect of the exhibition was the popularity of knitwear in the 80s. In the most recent edition of Vogue there is an article by Sarah Harris called “The IT Sweater”. It describes how people are now spending their money on ‘it’ jumpers instead of the new ‘it’ handbag or pair of shoes!! I am sure everyone has seen the Bambi Givenchy sweaters on every fashion icon there is! Everything seems to be derived from the past!

We then went on a little walk stopping at the Royal College of Art and then through Hyde Park to the Serpentine Gallery by Zaha Hadid.



After walking around we went outside to view the spectacular Serpentine Gallery Summer Pavilion by Sou Fujimoto. It is meant to look like a cloud and I have heard it is amazing to view when it is raining!



We also got a great ‘Condé Nast Family Photo’!



As we were only a ten-minute walk away from Oxford Street, I couldn’t think of a better way to end the day than with a little shopping trip!

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