Yasmin Le Bon

Yasmin Le Bon took time out of her extremely busy schedule as a super model, mother and wife to come and talk to the students at the Condé Nast College about her experiences in the fashion industry. She started her career in the 1980s, but does not plan to stop any time soon. She explained that being in the fashion industry at her age puts her at an emotional risk, however luckily she expressed, “I don’t want to give up, I feel guarded in this fashion bubble…it becomes a little like a drug, its addictive.” The ‘fashion bubble’ for Yasmin comes in the form of her modelling family she has made over the years, including beauties such as Naomi Campbell and Helena Christensen.

Whilst starting her modelling career, Yasmin did not feel a connection to the clothes that she was selling as they were not the type of clothes a female of her age would be wearing. She describes a shoot that she did for Vogue UK in 1988, photographed by Andrew Macpherson, as the first time she felt a ‘spark’ with the outfits she was modelling. I have added some images of the shoot below:

vogueuk88may06_andrewmacpherson vogueuk88may03_andrewmacphersonvogueuk88may02_andrewmacpherson

When it comes to capturing the perfect photo, Yasmin has had to ban everyone from sitting around monitors whilst she is working. She very professionally stated that every focus should be on her, “the most important relationship is between me and the photographer.” The second key ingredient is the connection of the ‘team’ on set from stylists to make up artists; everyone should be fully involved in capturing the perfect photo.

Yasmin looks a lot younger than her years and even manages to look phenomenal with short peroxide blonde hair (I know it is unfair). Below are a few images of her recent shoot with Elle Spain, photographed by Xavi Gordo:

191603-800w 191605-800w 191610-800w 191609-800w  191602-800w 191603-800w-1

Questions were then opened to the floor and of course everyone was interested in her daughter, Amber Le Bon, being part of the modelling world. Below are some images of the beautiful ‘Le Bon’ daughter:

069 073 156

Yasmin described how she did not anticipate Amber becoming a fixture in the fashion industry, although she is incredibly happy for her. “She is a very level headed girl and has been brought up around the business her entire life.” However, every mother wants to protect her children and she admitted that she feels rather conflicted about the situation. She then said, “she gets a lot out of it in terms learning about styling, photography and make-up, however any young girl earning that much money in such a short space of time is worrying.” Whilst starting as a model Yasmin had lots of issues she had to worry about but she stated, “the struggle is important, at the bottom you learn everything.” From such humble beginnings, you can tell that having such a down to earth mother will help guide Amber. That combined with her evident natural beauty (and amazing hair), I am sure she will go onto follow in her mother’s footsteps.

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