Advice from Fashion Assistant at Vogue, Lucy Walker

Ever thought you wanted to be a fashion assistant? If so, you need to intern.



Lucy Walker, Fashion Assistant at British Vogue, discusses her job roles and the do’s and don’t’s for interns wanting to pursue this as a career.

One of Lucy’s main roles is to assist the freelance contributors for the magazine, with the newest contributor being the beautiful Kate Moss. I am so excited to get my December issue of Vogue through the post to see her new shoot with John Galliano. I mean, who isn’t?

Research is also a massive part of her job title. For a shoot to come together Lucy creates boards with the outfits that she needs for the shoots, using sources such as Another role is assisting on shoots. Lucy described, “If anyone needs something on a shoot I am the one that makes it happen.”

She gave us interns some invaluable advice:

  1. Your CV must be short, concise and efficient – one page and definitely no work experience such as baby-sitting.

  2. When emailing a company make sure you get the correct name of the person you are writing to. As much as this sounds obvious, she described how many people don’t actually do this.  Make sure you do this even if you have to call the company to get it, do it!

  3. TEAM AWARENESS – it is extremely important that you get on with everyone in your team.

  4. You must be good at speaking on the telephone, always being as friendly as possible. Remember everyone is a contact who you need to build a relationship with.

  5. Must have the mentality of “nothing is ever too much trouble” even if that includes making cups of tea or running over to Starbucks.

When listening to Lucy describe her job, most of all what glimmered through was her absolute love for it. This is exactly what I admired and hope that one day I can find exactly what she has!