Practical Princess

It has been a running joke in my family for years that everyone calls me a ‘Princess’. Yes on my 21st birthday my mum made me a Cinderella birthday cake and for my 18th I had a Barbie Princess cake. So when I told my gran I had managed to get my dream job working in the fashion industry for a company called ‘Practical Princess’, she definitely thought that fate had come my way!

Practical Princess is a company that ‘brings the complete luxury of wardrobe organisation to your life’. We go into homes and transform their lives through their wardrobes.


However, it is not just wardrobe organisation. My boss and the founder of Practical Princess, Elika Gibbs, is a stylist who has a unique eye for fashion and style that is completely different for each and every person she dresses depending on their lifestyle. Elika personal shops for client’s day-to-day life’s but also for events they have coming up. As well as buying new season pieces, it is essential to make sure that the wardrobe is working well as a whole. Therefore, we will go in and help the client edit their wardrobe, reselling or giving to charity pieces that they are no longer wearing. We also advise that in Spring/Summer only Spring/Summer clothes are in the wardrobe and vice versa with Autumn/Winter. Practical Princess owns a large warehouse where we store client’s off-season clothes for them and at the beginning of the seasons we will undergo their season changeovers! The warehouse is also home to clients ‘archive’ pieces – clothes that you no longer wear but don’t want to part with!


Another part of the business, which I find genius, is creating individual look books for clients. This process will involve Elika and I visiting the client’s house to create looks – mixing the new current season pieces with their existing wardrobes. This helps to make sure that the full potential of the wardrobe is being used whilst helping put together looks that they would not of thought of. One of the reasons I absolutely love my job is because my opinion matters. There is not one outfit that goes past without Elika asking my opinion too. I must say though, 99% she normally gets it pretty spot on!

I will then photograph every look on a mannequin, edit the photos, and write in specific details so there is no confusion on whether the heels in the photo are Gianvito Rossi or the very similar Jimmy Choo pair. Then the lookbook will be printed and sent off!

When I think I have written everything that Practical Princess does I realise that there is even more! This is why when anybody asks me what I do for a living I ask: “how long do you have?” We also catalogue people’s wardrobes, thus being an online catalogue to keep tracking of everything they own from house to house or a beautiful book.


Elika has also produced an amazing book that will help you to change your wardrobe into a perfectly functioning dream wardrobe yourself! There is also an online store selling everything from hangers to shoe boxes to drawer dividers that will give you the full Practical Princess makeover!


Lastly, I must apologise that I have abandoned my blog for a couple of months but they have been a very busy couple of months indeed (working with Kate Moss was definitely a highlight!). I have learnt more from Elika in the last 5 months than I have in the last five years – now that I have finally found my feet expect a lot more from me!

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